"When it comes to world fusion music revolving around Hindustani classical music, a template was set in stone by Shakti. But that template can be blown out of the water – as Hindol Deb, a sitarist from Germany, proves with Essence of Duality.'' – Songlines, UK "

Essence of Duality traverses the boundaries between jazz and Indian music making connections between the two. Their 1st album is the inevitable result of Hindol's migration to Germany in search of new sounds and compositional styles. With Sitar as the featured instrument, his formal studies in jazz coupled with Indian classical music background inspired him to explore a new style of composing while striving to keep the two genres at eye level. The compositions have polyrhythmic structures and modes while using the language of jazz in instrumentation, harmonization and improvisation. Clemens Orth, a virtuoso jazz pianist with New York jazz background colours the compositions with interesting harmonies. Jens Düppe on Drums and Christian Ramond on Contra Bass, both highly acclaimed musicians give a strong rhythmic stability enabling a complex rhythmic exchange. Though one can’t directly assign the music as European or Indian because of a new compositional style, one can still identify with the music and enjoy it thoroughly.



Essence of Duality
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